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Ayurveda treatment for acid reflux

The backward flow of stomach acid into the tube that connects your throat to your stomach is referred to as acid reflux, also known as gastroesophageal reflux (GER) (esophagus). When you have an acid reflux episode (heartburn), you might get a burning sensation in your chest. This might happen after a substantial meal, a cup of coffee, or a glass of alcohol. Sometimes GERD, a more severe form of reflux, develops from acid reflux. Heartburn is the most common GERD symptom, occurring two or more times per week. Other warning signs and symptoms may include vomiting up food or sour liquids, having trouble swallowing, coughing, wheezing, and chest pain, particularly at night while you’re lying down

ayurveda treatment for acid reflux

Altering your way of life can help if you occasionally get acid reflux. Reduce your body weight, eat more frequently, increase the head of your bed, skip meals that seem to cause heartburn, including fried or fatty foods, chocolate, and peppermint, and eat smaller meals. Avoid using tobacco and alcohol, and avoid wearing tight clothing around your midsection.

Acid reflux is classified as a kunmam (digestive ailment) in Siddha medicine. Once more, kunmam is divided into several varieties according to the diseases’ severity, location of incidence, and symptoms.A foul taste in your mouth and a burning sensation in your chest (heartburn), which can occasionally extend to your throat. Chest pain, difficulty swallowing, dry cough, hoarseness or sore throat, regurgitation of food or sour liquid (acid reflux), and a lump-like sensation in the throat are all signs of acidity brought on by acid reflux.

In the Siddha System of Medicine, GERD is initially identified through a thorough process that addresses the mind and behaviour (Antha karanam), the body’s constituents (Udarkattugal), pulse reading (Nadi parisothanai), eightfold diagnostic processes (Envagai thervu), and environment (Thinai).

The Siddha Medical Literature contains a variety of siddha formulations for digestive disorders like Kunmam.In contrast to antacids, siddha medications take a holistic approach to the eradication of the fundamental cause and to improving mental health.Chooranam, a multi-herbal blend, is recommended for acid reflux. Herbs that are ulcer-preventative and gastroprotective are included in the mixture. The plants also have antibacterial and helminthic properties.

 At the Chennai Siddha Clinic , we place a strong emphasis on prevention and health promotion in addition to disease treatment. We also present the patients with nutritional and lifestyle suggestions.

ayurveda treatment for acid reflux

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Dr Priya John is highly skilled doctor. We have been trying for second child for many years and due to PCOD complain and various other complaints, it did not materialize in English medicines but after we met Dr Priya, everything changed. In the second counseling itself, my wife got conceived and we do not have any words to thank doctor.


I had severe back shoulder pain for the past 7 months and taking medicine but no progress . Unfortunately i met Dr Priya john and casually informed my pain and she gave just ten tablets for three day s now iam perfectly well and hats off to Dr. Priya john.

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I had alopecia problem for last 1 year and now got a treatment from Chennai Siddha Clinic. Nice approach and good diagnosis, now I am completely fine.


Patiently reviewing the symptoms, listens carefully..good experience...a positive note of curing illness


Took treatment for kidney stone. Doctor properly checked and provided medicine. Which helped kidney stone reduced size and come out with out any problems. Thank you doctor.

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