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Siddha is a traditional treatment system generated from Tamil culture. Palm leaf manuscripts say that the Siddha system was first described by Lord Shiva to his wife Parvati. Parvati explained all this knowledge to her son Lord Muruga. He taught all these knowledge to his disciple sage Agasthya. Agasthya taught 18 Siddhars and they spread this knowledge to human beings.


Why Siddha ?

The Siddhars wrote their knowledge in palm leaf manuscripts, fragments of which were found in different parts of South India. It is believed that some families may possess more fragments, but keep them solely for their own use. There is a huge collection of Siddha Manuscripts kept by Traditional Siddha Families. Today there are recognized Siddha Medical Colleges, run under the government universities where Siddha medicine is taught. But they are running the course with average syllabus compare to the knowledge of Traditional Vaidyas. In Siddha Vaidyam there are many toxic drugs and heavy metals are using for manufacture bhasmas and chindooras. Lake of proper purification will cause major draw-backs in health. Traditional Siddha Physicians are doing effective purification process. But they hide it as traditional secret and transfer only to the next generation.

Benefits of Traditional Siddha Medicine

  • Traditional Siddha medicine upholds balancing, uprighting and eliminating the pathogens as the main principles of treating diseases and maintaining health. 
  • Traditional Siddha Medicine plays a good role in the fight against viral diseases, chronic inflammation, functional disorders, endocrine disorders and other diseases. 
  • Traditional medicine stresses “prevention before diseases rather than treating diseases”. But Siddha Medicine give equel importance in prevention and curing.
  • According to the Siddha medicine, various psychological and physiological functions of the body are attributed to the combination of seven elements
  • According to the siddha medicine system, diet and lifestyle play a major role, not only in health but also in curing diseases
  • Internal medicine was used through the oral route and further classified into 32 categories based on their form, methods of preparation, shelf-life, etc
  • External medicine includes certain forms of drugs and also certain applications (such as nasal, eye and ear drops), and also certain procedures (such as leech application). It also classified into 32 categories

Kayakalpa - System for Sideline Senility

For men and women, beauty is seen as a blessing in India. Since the earliest times, Devavidya have included techniques to brighten eyes, clear skin and maintain vibrant health. Kayakalpa treatments are among the most popular, aimed at restoring not only physical vigor but also a youthful appearance.

Deva Vidya is one of the leading Kayakalpa centre in South India. They says – Council for Applied Siddha. Deva Vidya a science of life & beauty is a philosophy that covers every aspect of being: health, food spirit, sex, occupation, defense and relationship. It teach how to live in the harmony with your inner self and with the world around you. It is a combination of Siddhavaidyam, Ayurveda, Kalarippayattu, Yoga and Thantra.Because the philosophy of Deva Vidya treats body, mind and soul as interrelated, beauty is not limited to the physical dimension, but reflect the vitality and health of the whole person. Herbal remedies and treatments aim to cleanse the body from the inside, while meditative practices prevent stress leaving its mark and a fitness regime ensure agelessly youthful physical grace. Deva vidya is a new concept to maintain and nurture youthful vigour and vibrant health to sideline senility. It blends traditional “Kayakalpa drugs” with martial art, yoga and meditation to arouse Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). Research on it takes to ancient scripts on “palm leaf manuscripts”.

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Benefits of Kayakalpa Treatments

  • Kayakalpa Theatment included techniques to brighten eyes, clear skin and maintain vibrant health. 
  • Kayakalpa techniques resorted to remove pre-mature senility, deformation due to life style or heredity. 
  • Kayakalpa is an ideal treatment for health, vitality, longevity and higher consciousness.
  • Siddha Kayakalpa practice will help to arouse Extra Sensory Perception
  • Kayakalpa is a complete rejuvenation of the entire vital organs 
  • Kayakalpa procedure is the reversal of aging and thus requires a different strategy, namely repair of the damage that is associated with aging or replacement of damaged tissue with new tissue.
  • In cancer treatments kayakalpa used to eliminate telomerase-independent mechanisms of turning normal cells into “immortal” cancer cells.

Benefits of Varma Vidya

  • Agastya identifies 108 vital points in the body and this knowledge is gained by the most exceptional students by dedicated study under their Masters for anywhere between 12 to 18 years by demonstrating great yogic ability and control of mind to avoid the remotest possibility of any misuse of such great powers. 
  • Attacking the varmam spots caused the opponent to be stunned, disarmed or even killed and is essential to the highest stage of training given by Gurukkal (Varmam master) to their most accomplished students in the Kalari (Varmam Institute). 
  • Marma chikilsa is also a complete naturalistic healing system to rejuvenate the body by eliminating toxic imbalances to restore resistance and good health in the highly stressful environment of modern times.
  • Sri Prem Nath has devoted a good fortune of his time to varmam treatments, as well as provides varmam training to the students in his cantre. 
  • Varmam treatment is capable of increasing brain, speech and motor activities. Children suffering from cerebral palsy seem to respond well to varmam treatment. 
  • Varma therapy is also a complete naturalistic healing system to rejuvenate the body by eliminating toxic imbalances to restore resistance and good health in the highly stressful environment of modern times.

Vata dosha

Vata dosha is a combination of the space and air elements. The oil and the herbal blend will make your skin soft, supple and will prevent dryness and wrinkles. It provides nourishment to your skin as well as helps with your emotional wellbeing.

Vata Skin Kit includes:

  • Vital Liver
  • Vital Emotions
  • Vital Skin
  • Lymph Herbal Tea
  • Skin Tone Oil

Vital women is an Ayurvedic proprietary blend of Ashoka (Saraca indica), Dashmool, Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Pippali or Long pepper (Piper longum), Shilajit (Asphaltum), Nagarmotha (Cyperus scariosus), Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) and Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) that assist in easing symptoms of menopause and supports healthy female reproductive system slowing down the aging process.

Ashoka helps support menorrhagia (scant menses), dysmenorrhea (painful menses, menstrual cramps), leucorrhoea, depression, bleeding hemorrhoids, uterine fibroids, and is considered a uterine sedative and tonic.

Dashmool (the ten roots formula) nourishes and tonifies the muscles, strengthens the body, and calms the nervous system. It helps promote uterine rejuvenation in women.

Shatavari is best known as a female rejuvenative. Shatavari supports infertility, decreased libido, threatened miscarriage, menopause, leucorrhoea and has the ability to balance pH in the cervical area. Shatavari helps lubricate the vaginal wall and balances it through its demulcent action.

Pippali is one of the most powerful Rasayana herbs formulated to serve as a longevity enhancer. It supports better circulation of blood and enhances the immune system.

Shilajit is considered to have great detoxification and energy-producing health benefits. Shilajit promotes the movement of minerals into muscle, tissue, bone and contributes to long-lasting energy without being a stimulant. It is considered an adaptogenic substance that helps people adapt to environmental stressors more effectively.

 Nagarmotha supports irregular menstruation, dysmennorhea or menstrual pain, overdue periods and depression in women mainly during menstruation.

Licorice is considered to have anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and a moderate estrogenic action which might assist with PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms including breast tenderness, menstrual cramps, mood swings, nausea and bloating.

Ashwagandha is well known as a rejuvenator, fortifier and strengthener.  It supports body’s ability to adapt to various types of stress, regulates hormones, promotes vitality, vigor and sexual performance, boosts immune system, and fights against early aging.

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