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Your body’s largest organ that protects and covers itself is called your skin. There are various purposes for your skin. It helps you sense feelings like pain or temperature by retaining fluid and preventing dehydration. Keep out viruses, germs, and other infection-causing agents. stabilise the temperature of your body. In response to sun exposure, vitamin D is synthesized. All problems that obstruct, irritate, or inflame your skin are considered skin illnesses. Rashes or other visual alterations to your skin are frequently brought on by skin illnesses.

Skin diseases might occur as a result of certain lifestyle choices. Your skin may be impacted by underlying medical issues. Bacteria trapped in your pores or hair follicles are two common sources of skin problems. Exposure to environmental triggers, such as allergens or the skin of another person. Certain skin problems may also be influenced by genetic factors. parasites or fungi residing on your skin. Drugs, such those used to treat inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).


The Siddha medical system, which has been practiced in India for thousands of years, has recently attracted attention on a global scale. Tamil Nadu’s traditional medical system is called siddha medicine. In Siddha, skin conditions are referred to as Thol Noikal. There isn’t a single ancient Siddha text book that is solely devoted to dermatology in existence today. To give a thorough account, we combine the data from several sources. Depending on the source, the circumstances’ specifics can vary. Even synonyms have occasionally been treated differently. For instance, under karappan illnesses and chori kiranthi, psoriasis is compared to mandai karappan and kutta karappan.

In Siddha, there are eighteen different categories for skin problems. It covers the full spectrum of dermatological symptoms caused by anything from the human mind’s state to diverse microorganisms, the vast outside environment, and intricate endocrine and metabolic changes within the body. This category includes eczema, lecoderma, leprosy, and fungal infections. Skin disorders are distinctive from other chronic diseases in that they have a high rate of morbidity compared to mortality. Dermatological disorders frequently experience remissions and recerbations. The need of the hour is for medicines that are effective, tried and true, affordable, and free from severe side effects. So, a list of specific plants and medications that are widely utilized in traditional Siddha remedies are used to treat skin problems in our patients.

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At the Chennai Siddha Clinic, a variety of herbal treatments as well as formulations based on minerals are prescribed. For the treatment of 18 different types of skin diseases, about 102 plant species and 23 sastric formulations are used.


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Dr Priya John is highly skilled doctor. We have been trying for second child for many years and due to PCOD complain and various other complaints, it did not materialize in English medicines but after we met Dr Priya, everything changed. In the second counseling itself, my wife got conceived and we do not have any words to thank doctor.


I had severe back shoulder pain for the past 7 months and taking medicine but no progress . Unfortunately i met Dr Priya john and casually informed my pain and she gave just ten tablets for three day s now iam perfectly well and hats off to Dr. Priya john.

George Stevenson

Very friendly and listens with care. Explains the problem and instills hope. Also accommodated us even when we were late.


I had alopecia problem for last 1 year and now got a treatment from Chennai Siddha Clinic. Nice approach and good diagnosis, now I am completely fine.


Patiently reviewing the symptoms, listens carefully..good experience...a positive note of curing illness


Took treatment for kidney stone. Doctor properly checked and provided medicine. Which helped kidney stone reduced size and come out with out any problems. Thank you doctor.

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