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Piles or Hemorrhoids are conditions when the blood vessels in the anus or rectum of a person becomes inflamed.  Hemorrhoids are one of the main causes of rectal bleeding. Hemorrhoids that have ballooned up inside of your buttocks or anal lining are known as piles. After a few days, they typically get better on their own. Hemorrhoids can be prevented and treated in a number of ways. Hemorrhoids have no recognised cause. Hemorrhoids can be brought on by constipation, sustained weight gain, increased blood vessel pressure during pregnancy, chronic diarrhoea, extended time spent on the toilet, and straining when lifting heavy objects. They might go away in 1-2 weeks, but you should see a doctor right once if you experience chronic symptoms like rectal bleeding. A small number of patients may also experience discomfort and itching. Typically, symptoms like pain and rectal bleeding are not always present.

piles treatment

The development of symptoms might be brought on by bleeding, vascular expansion, or blood vessels sliding outside the anus. If you have piles, you will likely experience any of the following symptoms: pain that gets worse when you sit or stretch; having an anal entrance bleeding, itching around the anal entrance, soft, swollen vessels protruding from the anus; The bulging blood vessels can occasionally develop a clot, which can be extremely painful. Thrombosed piles are what these are. You should consult a doctor for guidance if any of the following symptoms are present: The severe blood loss and lightheadedness that result from a ruptured (torn) intestine can be devastating. Most frequently, we may recognise them when we notice blood on toilet paper or when purple or pink lumps are seen around the anus or protruding from it.

Siddha Maruthuvam contains a wide variety of Siddha Medicine for Piles and its therapies. The siddha system of medicine offers a number of straightforward solutions for a number of issues, including prevention, evaluation, and therapy. One such illness is piles (haemorrhoids), for which Siddhars conducted in-depth research on its causes, signs, and treatments, from prevention to cure, from both the physiological and psychological points of view, and has offered answers in both directions.Pile-related terms used in the Siddha medical system include “Moola noi,” “Arippu noi,” “Adimulai noi,” and “Mulai Noi.”

piles treatment

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The siddha medicine for piles and its therapies are numerous, ranging from preventing piles to treating those who already have them. A healthy lifestyle should be followed according to Siddha maruthuvam recommendations for piles patti vaithiyam for moolam, which is the emphasis of the Siddha school of medicine on preventive measures. Depending on the severity of the disease, we may use any of the following methods to treat piles: Laxatives are an example of an internal siddha medicine that is used to balance the vali humour (vaatham).Ointments, fumigations, and Sitz baths containing herbal medication are examples of external siddha medicine. Take a sitz bath to heal an anal fissure, take a sitz bath.The medicines utilised are 100% safe and have no negative effects, whether they are pure herbal, a herbo-mineral blend, or pure mineral oriented.


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Dr Priya John is highly skilled doctor. We have been trying for second child for many years and due to PCOD complain and various other complaints, it did not materialize in English medicines but after we met Dr Priya, everything changed. In the second counseling itself, my wife got conceived and we do not have any words to thank doctor.


I had severe back shoulder pain for the past 7 months and taking medicine but no progress . Unfortunately i met Dr Priya john and casually informed my pain and she gave just ten tablets for three day s now iam perfectly well and hats off to Dr. Priya john.

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I had alopecia problem for last 1 year and now got a treatment from Chennai Siddha Clinic. Nice approach and good diagnosis, now I am completely fine.


Patiently reviewing the symptoms, listens carefully..good experience...a positive note of curing illness


Took treatment for kidney stone. Doctor properly checked and provided medicine. Which helped kidney stone reduced size and come out with out any problems. Thank you doctor.

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