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Siddha treatment for Lumbar spondylosis

Lumbar spondylosis (also known as spondylosis deformans or lumbar osteoarthritis) refers to bone growths (osteophytes), most typically those at the anterior, lateral, and less frequently, posterior portions of the superior and inferior margins of the spinal centra (bodies). New bone grows where the anular ligament is strained, resulting in lumbar spondylosis. Vertebral bodies typically have smooth edges. Osteophytes can be recognised by the horizontally projecting growth of new bone at their edges. The majority of osteophytes project anteriorly or laterally. Occasionally, and infrequently, posterior vertebral osteophytes press against the spinal cord or nerve roots. This dynamic process intensifies as people get older and may be an unavoidable side effect of ageing. Due to their frequency and magnitude, lumbar osteophytes have long been assumed to be the root of back discomfort. Numerous studies on the distribution of spinal osteophytes have been conducted as a result, but not all of them are relevant. The prevalence of signs or symptoms is not higher in those with osteophytes than in people without osteophytes.

Lumbar spondylosis

It is compared to Thandagavatham in the Siddha school of medicine. The thridoshas are rearranged, which is the cause. The uyir thathukal for the body are Vatham, Pitham, and Kabam. Thridosham claims that santhegam and abanavaayu are situated in the lumbar area. Vatham is responsible for pain and degeneration, kabam is responsible for numbness, and pitham is responsible for inflammation. Increased vatham and dryness in this disease lead to coldness and dryness, whereas increased kabam leads to heaviness and lubricity. From the perspective of treatment, yoga and Siddha interventions reveal the reduction in pain and the normal day-to-day living that is unaffected following the treatment.

At the Chennai Siddha Clinic, treatment methods include administering internal medicine through food modifications, external thailam, and yoga asanas. We also recommend our patients adhere to strict dietary adjustments such as staying away from sourness and consuming less salt. The patient will be instructed to return once per week or to return as needed for an evaluation. Due to occupation and posture, the number of lumbar spondylosis patients has been rising in recent decades. Siddha doctors mostly concentrate on treating chronic diseases’ pain. Thus, most instances involving lumbar spondylosis, disc herniation, disc bulging, and degenerative alterations are managed and treated here.

Lumbar spondylosis

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Dr Priya John is highly skilled doctor. We have been trying for second child for many years and due to PCOD complain and various other complaints, it did not materialize in English medicines but after we met Dr Priya, everything changed. In the second counseling itself, my wife got conceived and we do not have any words to thank doctor.


I had severe back shoulder pain for the past 7 months and taking medicine but no progress . Unfortunately i met Dr Priya john and casually informed my pain and she gave just ten tablets for three day s now iam perfectly well and hats off to Dr. Priya john.

George Stevenson

Very friendly and listens with care. Explains the problem and instills hope. Also accommodated us even when we were late.


I had alopecia problem for last 1 year and now got a treatment from Chennai Siddha Clinic. Nice approach and good diagnosis, now I am completely fine.


Patiently reviewing the symptoms, listens carefully..good experience...a positive note of curing illness


Took treatment for kidney stone. Doctor properly checked and provided medicine. Which helped kidney stone reduced size and come out with out any problems. Thank you doctor.

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