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When you breathe, wheezing produces an unpleasant, high-pitched whistling sound. As many people with respiratory allergies are aware, wheezing frequently coincides with allergy symptoms during allergy season. Additionally, respiratory illnesses like acute bronchitis may be the reason. However, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are the most frequent causes. Wheezing is a symptom of several medical conditions, including asthma.

Breathing might be challenging due to this illness, which causes your airways to constrict, swell, and generate more mucus. allergic responses to dust, food, pollen, chemicals, pet dander, or insect bites. A lung infection known as pneumonia causes the air sacs to swell and fill with fluid or pus. Bronchitis is a lung infection that primarily affects youngsters and makes the airways inflamed and congested.

wheezing treatment

According to contemporary thinking, Iraippu Irumal in Siddha is comparable to bronchial asthma. Siddha or Siddham claims that this condition is characterized by tightness in the chest and trouble breathing, with the breathing noises like those of musical instruments like the yaazh or veena. Therefore, according to modern research, this sound can be comparable to a wheeze. According to Siddha, this disease is caused by dietary variables (consumption of cold food items) or by any activities that may derange iya humor or kapham. Iya humor, or kapham, is the primary factor in its occurrence. Additionally, the link between kapham and vatham may contribute to the disease’s severity.¬†

Additionally, it has been observed that those who suffer from this condition are typically allergic to a variety of substances, including dust, pollen, smoke, and house mites. Exposure to any of these substances may cause the airway to become hypersensitive, causing it to narrow, which will cause symptoms like wheezing, dyspnea, and tightness in the chest. When the body’s kapha humor is elevated or the patient is exposed to allergens, this sickness typically begins at night or in the early morning. Sneezing, rhinitis, and coughing are the first symptoms to appear. When dyspnoea starts, anxiety and restlessness follow. Later, wheezing appears.

The two main noticeable characteristics of Eraippu Irumal’s Siddha treatment are that there are no side effects and there is higher medicinal potency or efficacy. Each siddha medication is given according to a different course of therapy. This is done in order to calm the deranged humor. To begin with, the disordered kapham and vatham may be normalized with a purgative, an emetic, or a combination of the two. Providing such a therapy is important in order to clear the respiratory system of extra mucus before giving the main medication. In clinical practise, leaf juice from Adhatoda vasica (Adathodai), Ocimum sanctum (Thulasi), or Daemia extensa (Uthamani) may occasionally be used in larger doses than necessary in order to cause vomiting, which in turn eliminates extra mucus.


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The Siddha method of treating this condition emphasizes the value of pranayama, or breathing exercises. This kind of exercise assists in controlling the saram, vasi, or breath, which enables one to lessen stress and create a healthy environment for the mind, body, and spirit.

At Chennai Siddha Clinic , we provide cure for this ailment by providing medicines together with pranayama ( breathing exercises) and also meditation, which has proven very effective in the treatment of wheezing.


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